Ducati Monster: 20th Anniversary por Claudio Porrozzi, Fabrizio Porrozzi

Ducati Monster: 20th Anniversary por Claudio Porrozzi, Fabrizio Porrozzi

Titulo del libro: Ducati Monster: 20th Anniversary

Autor: Claudio Porrozzi, Fabrizio Porrozzi

Número de páginas: 192 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 6, 2014

ISBN: 887911588X

Editor: Giorgio Nada Editore Srl

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Claudio Porrozzi, Fabrizio Porrozzi con Ducati Monster: 20th Anniversary

The Ducati Monster appeared at the end of 1992 and sparked off a new trend in the so-called "naked" (without fairing) segment of the market. With the Monster, powered by its famous and prestigious L-shaped engine, Ducati offered enthusiasts a bike that combined a comfortable ride with outstanding performance. 260,000 Monsters have been sold over the last 20 years, mostly in the United States, France, Germany and Spain as well as Italy. The various versions of the Monster have become the basis for many different interpretations by specialists in the field of personalization. The machine has become a symbol for all kinds of motorcyclists, from the novice to the seasoned rider, from the young to the mature.This book covers the Monster's 20 years of history, availing itself with a wealth of illustrative material made available by Ducati.