Winning at 9-Ball Pool - Being A Winner Series (English Edition) por Charles Josephs

Winning at 9-Ball Pool - Being A Winner Series (English Edition) por Charles Josephs

Titulo del libro: Winning at 9-Ball Pool - Being A Winner Series (English Edition)

Autor: Charles Josephs

Número de páginas: 42 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 14, 2014

Editor: Shaharm Publications

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Charles Josephs con Winning at 9-Ball Pool - Being A Winner Series (English Edition)

Pool is one of the most popular games in the world. Millions play it. There are, as with any game, lots of different versions. One of the most popular versions is undoubtedly 9-ball pool. This is played professionally more often than any other version. It seems very easy to play but its simplicity hides the difficult nature of the game. To be a professional or to make money you have to be a very good player indeed.

This book looks at all the things you need to know to play 9-ball pool well. It examines preparation as well as execution but before looking at the intricacies of the game. The book looks at the vocabulary associated with this version of pool.

We all know what a cue is but are you confident in knowing what the kitchen is?

Or what about the foot spot or the head string? The lagging, the race or the kicking?

If you don’t play 9-ball then you need this book to explain the terminology before you even start a game.

After looking at 9-ball terms, we move on to examine the rules. The aim of the game of 9-ball pool and the way to win is to cause the cue ball to hit the lowest number ball on the table and pocket the nine ball. The rules themselves are very straightforward but the book explains them well and concisely.

What constitutes a legal shot is analyzed and the complexities of a push out are also examined.

From this we go on to talk about how to actually win. The book details a number of tips and techniques to try to help you to win.

The ghost technique is covered in detail, whilst use of the bridge is also examined. As the book says the way you hold your bridge hand can make all the difference in how much control you have over your stroke, and therefore how accurate your shots are.

This is one of many tips and techniques that the book goes into. Others that are analyzed include stance and grip as well as improving the stroke of the cue ball. Predicting the way the cue ball will travel is also very important and this is looked at as well as getting extra spin on the cue ball.

As the book states, planning your run of shots is also important. No matter how easy a shot seems, always plan the rest of the run. By planning the rest of the run you will be able to control where the cue ball ends up after each shot. It is by planning that you win!

To sum up: buying this book will help you to understand the rules of 9-ball pool but, more importantly, it teaches you a lot of tips and techniques to make sure you win.

So, if you want to play 9-ball pool and win, read this book today!