Sensual Friends por Ashley James

Sensual Friends por Ashley James

Titulo del libro: Sensual Friends

Autor: Ashley James

Número de páginas: 6 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 4, 2015

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Ashley James con Sensual Friends

This erotic/romantic story is about a woman named Jamie who has finally found someone she can call her best friend. From living a life all to herself from being shy and having a low self esteem, this woman has found her inner and outer beauty with the help of her new best friend.

Realizing that they are very similar physically, they come closer and realized that they enjoy being sexual with each other for practice to pleasure men. They soon set out to find men who have the same friendship to join them in a relationship.

Coming to see that they are being satisfied sexually and emotionally by men who take their friendship as seriously as they do is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction.