Prague Nights (English Edition) por Benjamin Black

Prague Nights (English Edition) por Benjamin Black

Titulo del libro: Prague Nights (English Edition)

Autor: Benjamin Black

Número de páginas: 331 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 1, 2017

Editor: Penguin

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Benjamin Black con Prague Nights (English Edition)

'The emperor's mistress had been murdered, and the world had been taken hold of and turned upon its head'

Prague, 1599. Christian Stern, a young doctor, has just arrived in the city. On his first evening, he finds a young woman's body half-buried in the snow.

The dead woman is none other than the emperor's mistress, and there's no shortage of suspects. Stern is employed by the emperor himself to investigate the murder. In the search to find the culprit, Stern finds himself drawn into the shadowy world of the emperor's court - unspoken affairs, letters written in code, and bitter rivalries. But there's no turning back now...